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  • Tax preparation for individuals
  • Steel Guarde provides all forms of federal and state income tax preparation. We work with our clients in whatever way suits their lifestyle best – be it in person, by phone or over email. We’re also able to file most clients’ returns electronically. This makes things easier and faster for you, and you can expect a refund to be deposited in a matter of days.

    We pride ourselves on being continuously available to our clients throughout the year. So, if you’re buying a house, setting up a home office, planning for your kids’ education, thinking about starting a business or facing unexpected health care costs (to name just a few), we’re here to help whenever you need us.

    Let’s face it: preparing your own taxes can be a serious hassle. We’ll save you hours, if not days, of aggravation and there’s a good chance we’ll save you money at the same time.

  • Tax preparation for registered domestic partners (RDPs) and same-sex married couples (SSMCs)
  • Registered domestic partners (RDPs) and same-sex married couples (SSMCs) face a unique set of tax filing challenges. However, as our clients know, effectively navigating the complexities can reap substantial benefits.

    While states that recognize RDPs or SSMCs allow taxpayers to file jointly, the federal government has a different set of requirements to allocate income (and therefore, tax liability) equally among each partner. This can reduce a couple’s tax burden by thousands of dollars, particularly in cases where one partner’s income is significantly higher than the other’s.

    We’ve been filing federal and state tax returns to benefit same-sex couples since the IRS was first required to recognize state community property laws starting in the 2010 tax year. We can also amend previous years’ returns (going back up to three years) if we determine that a couple overpaid by filing individually in the past.

  • Business entity set-up
  • The type of business you establish (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, S-Corp.) can have significant tax and legal implications. The best choice will depend on a number of factors, such as the existence of partners or outside investors, the nature and location of the business activity, projected income and plans for the future, to name a few.

    Steel Guarde can help navigate the options and determine which type of business structure best suits your needs. From there, we can file all of the necessary federal, state and local paperwork to free you up to focus on your business.

  • Tax preparation for businesses
  • Our business support services include preparation and filing of all federal, state and local taxes including income, employment, excise and sales taxes. In addition, we provide accounting services such as preparation of general ledgers, financial statements and other business audit documentation. For smaller operations, we can also help set up your bookkeeping and accounting systems to ensure all records are properly kept.

  • IRS audits, tax resolution and representation
  • As Enrolled Agents, we are qualified to represent taxpayers before the IRS and all state agencies to resolve controversies, inquiries and collections. This is often done by granting Steel Guarde power of attorney so we can directly manage all communications with the IRS, state revenue department or other tax collector on your behalf. Doing so ensures that you have professional representation, are fully informed about all available options and are provided with a buffer between you and the tax collector.

    Some of the services we provide in the course of tax resolution include offers in compromise, installment agreements and penalty abatement. We also work with clients to address unfiled taxes from prior years, as well as amending previous returns when it is financially advantageous to do so.

  • Estate planning and taxes
  • Steel Guarde can assist you with all areas of tax planning as it relates to your estate, succession of your business or executing an estate closure and filing relevant tax returns on behalf of an estate.  

  • Multi-state filing
  • Whether it’s because of a family move or business interests across state lines, many of our clients have tax needs in multiple states. We handle all aspects of tax preparation and filing across the country. And, as Enrolled Agents, we are licensed to represent tax payers before state tax agencies in all 50 states.

  • Foreign-earned income, exclusions and credits
  • U.S. taxpayers who’ve earned income in a foreign country know the tax implications can be tricky. With clients on three continents, we’re experts in managing foreign taxes and making sure you get all of the exclusions and credits you deserve.

  • 501c3 set-up
  • People are often surprised at the time and effort required to establish a nonprofit organization. Federal and state requirements are onerous – often taking up to a year to complete. We can help you to determine whether the 501c3 structure is right for you and, if so, work with you to establish and file the proper documentation. Also keep in mind that there are several alternative operational structures that are designed to suit the needs of mission-driven organizations. If one of these turns out to be the better course of action, we can help with that too.

  • Special services for artists and freelancers
  • The type of work you do matters – not just to you, but to the IRS and state tax agencies. Whether you’re a photographer, web developer, actor or generally creative entrepreneur, we can help set up your enterprise, income and expense tracking, and reporting systems to best meet your goals and minimize your tax liability.